About Us

Why we do it?

We love using latest technology to assist our daily lives. We have over 4 years kick scooting experience around Sydney and love the things you can see on a kick Scooter as you may not see by bike or get to by walking.

What we do?

We specialise, source and stock the latest electric kick scooters from around the world and bring to Sydney, Australia. We thoroughly test scooters to ensure they meet the Australian standards, regulations and conditions.


We are located in Sydney, NSW.


UrbanCommute aims to provide

  1. you a fun option for the ‘Last KM’ mode of transport
  2. you a healthy commuting option through scooting
  3. you an affordable transportation alternative

Through Scooting you can

    1. Live in the moment
    2. Increase lifestyle
    3. Leave for work when you want to
    4. Reduce the need to drive your car
    5. Why Stroll and you can roll?qtq80-rD3Ste


Questions UrbanCommute raise

  1. Is there another alternative to commuting at peak times of the day?
  2. Are there healthy alternatives to arriving at work?



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