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So you want to know more? Great!

Very frequently asked question include:

  1. How far does electric scooter travel? This depends on scooter rider weight and terrain.  The heavier the rider and more up hills, the less distance.
  2. How does the electric scooter charge and long does it take to charge? The charger is included on your  scooter purchase. The charger plugs into the standard Australian power point.  The charger plugs into a socket on the scooter.  The battery takes 4 hours to fully charge.

  1. What ages can I ride the electric scooter? We recommend the electric scooter for 16 years and older.
  2. What is maximum weight of the rider? The electric scooter is tested up to 100kg riders.


The below table compares electric scooters on the market.

Key differences:

  1. Warranty: We are an Australian based company sourcing and testing the best scooters from around the world. Buying from UrbanCommute we provide 3 month or 400kms warranty.  We guarantee our products.
  2. Maintenance: Have a problem with scooter? No worries! UrbanCommute provide a ‘Swap and Go’ service (similar to a courtesy car) where we lend you an electric scooter while we repair yours. Only available in Sydney CBD, Australia.
  3. Battery size: Our scooter batteries range 20-30kms depending on rider size


The Pro – By UrbanCommute
The Student – By UrbanCommute
The Bullet – Stealth – Electric Scooter By Kogan



ComparisonThe ProThe StudentThe Bullet – Stealth
Motor Speed30km/h20km/h12km/h
*Battery Distance15-22km12-18km4-10km
Weight of scooter9kg10.5kg7.6kg
Rider Weight100kg100kgs100kgs
Ergonomic FoldingYYN
(not integrated)
Deck Width15cm12cm15cm
Payment PlanNYN
Cruise ControlYNN
On Going MaintenanceYYN
Swap and GoYYN
Warranty3 Month or 400km3 Month or 400kmNone
LocationSydney, AustraliaSydney, AustraliaUnknown
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