Test Ride – FAQs

UrbanCommute – Test ride

1. How much is this service?

FREE. Its a test ride. You may even save some money by not taking public transport or driving.

2.  What if the scooter is damaged?

We are a small business, trying to change the way people commute. We are lending you this product for free. Please take care of it.


3. What do I get for the Test Ride?

You will receive a helmet and electric kick scooter fully charged. The Electric Kick Scooter uses the latest battery and electric technology, read more about the scooter by clicking the image below.

4. Can I take it for a long ride?

The purpose of the scooters are to change the way we commute. We suggest use for commuting purpose only. The battery lasts for 10-15kms, but depends on riders weight, hills and terrain. Talk to our friendly staff to make sure the scooter is right for your commute.

5. Can I borrow for weekend?

Unfortunately, no. As battery will likely run out of charge.

6. Is there age restrictions?

Yes. Rider must be 21+ years old.

7. Where do I pickup/drop off Scooter?

We will drop off and pick up where and when it suits you. Sydney CBD and surrounds only.

8. Can I take it out of town?

Yes. Many of our customers use the scooter for the whole commute but there are also plenty who use it for part of the commute.

10. What if there are issues with the scooter on my commute?

Simply fold up scooter and take your normal commute to work. We can assess the scooter on your return.

11. What do I need to know about safety?

Please see waiver details.

Any other questions please send enquiries to: info@UrbanCommute.com.au


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